Activities & Entertainment at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa Fact Sheet

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Activities & Entertainment at Aulani

Overview: Days and nights at Aulani Resort are filled with fun activities and world-class entertainment that celebrate the traditional and contemporary culture of Hawaii’i. Throughout the day, the resort offers a selection of experiences targeted to specific age groups or the entire family.

Key Daytime Features: Families learn the Hawaiian art form of the hula in a range of programs, including ‘Ohana Hula and Keiki Hula. Guests gain a deeper understanding of the hula and its place in the culture and history of Hawaii.

Families also gather poolside for a Shake-A-Shaka Pool Party, featuring surfer games, activities, dancing and surprise appearances by Disney characters. Or they may encounter Disney characters around the resort for a playful good time, local style, in Aloha Fun with your Disney Friends.

Younger children may choose to visit Aunty’s Beach House, where Disney Junior Aloha features dancing, games, crafting and cartoons. The Professor, one of Aunty’s neighbors, might stop by to demonstrate Eruption Disruption Volcanic Science or his formula for Stitch’s Space Goo. There are many more fun opportunities for youngsters at Aunty’s Beach House, including movies in Uncle’s Study, where it may magically appear to be raining even when the sun is shining.

Teens and tweens will want to spend time on the beach with activities such as the Island Beach Challenge, with fun, team-based games and a scavenger hunt. In Island Treasure Photo Hunt, participants explore the resort, capturing signature iconic elements on film and competing to win keys that might unlock a treasure chest full of surprises. And in the evening, Imi Loa Na Hoku offers a stargazing experience focused on ancient Polynesian navigation by the heavens.

While the younger members of the family are having their own fun, adult activities include guided Māka‘ika‘i (to make a tour) of the Hawaiian art, nature and wildlife that give the resort its unique character. And, of course, there’s always quiet relaxation around one of the resort pools or enjoying live music in the lounges and restaurants.

Key Evening Features: KA WA‘A, a luau at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa is an exhilarating dining and entertainment experience at the Hālāwai Lawn. Guests feast on a sumptuous, local island buffet, and enjoy lively music and traditional Hawaiian dance. The show’s story is inspired by the sacred canoe that brought the ancestors of Native Hawaiians to Hawaii’i.

During Mo‘olelo Fire Pit Storytelling, Uncle shares stories of legendary Hawaii’i with guests gathered around the fire pit under the tropical night sky. He strums his ukulele, using music to support tales of nature, legends of the mischievous, magic-making Menehune, and scary tales of island ghosts.

On selected nights, the whole ‘ohana (family) can enjoy Disney ‘Ohana Movie Nights. Guests choose a mat and enjoy a classic Disney movie under the stars on the Hālāwai lawn.

Excursions at Aulani

Overview: The Hawaiian vacation experience extends beyond the magical grounds of the resort to include adventures throughout the island of O’ahu.

Key Features: Guests at Aulani Resort– adults, teens, children and families – will discover a menu of excursions that satisfy a broad variety of tastes. There are dozens of excursion options — from traditional sightseeing and beach activities, to special, customized experiences:

  • A catamaran voyage, including dolphin spotting, snorkeling and, in season, whale watching
  • Kayaking on Kailua Bay and a storytelling hike on a nearby island and bird sanctuary
  • An exclusive sightseeing and storytelling adventure through the beautiful Kualoa Ranch, with its private beach, movie and television locations, and fish pond said to be constructed by the Menehune (the legendary little people of the island)
  • A visit to the North Shore of Oahu and Waimea Falls, where families will discover a lush botanical garden, ancient Hawaiian games and activities hosted by a local Aunty
  • Hiking along a hidden trail in the Manoa Valley (rich with stories of the Menehune) to a 200-foot tropical waterfall